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Linda Jarousky
Mosaic Artist

As a Massachusetts native, Linda Jarousky is a self taught mosaic artist who enjoys spending time within the New England states exploring the many sites that it has to offer.  New England is home to mountains, lakes, ocean and the ever changing beauty of the four seasons which provides bountiful inspiration for her mosaic art.  Her mosaics focus mostly on nature and portraiture using various materials (tesserae) such as ceramic, marble and stained glass.

Throughout her childhood, she engaged in many creative projects from painting to sewing to collecting material and gluing them to forms.  She took this creative outlet into adulthood and found other types of art fascinating like working with cement, ceramics, sculpting and drawing.  When she discovered the art of mosaic and after completing her first project, it was apparent that this was the beginning of a passionate relationship with mosaics.    She enjoys the techniques used in creating mosaics from the planting of an idea in her mind through the breaking of tile or other tesserae to the grouting process.  What intrigues her most is that the end result is a recognizable image made up of broken material.

With a wealth of resources available, she spends many hours studying mosaics from around the world through the internet and reference books.  She is a member of Contemporary Mosaic Art (CMA), Mosaic Addicts Group (MAG) and Mosaic Artist Organization (MAO).  These organizations have given her the opportunity to display mosaics and share techniques with many wonderful mosaic artists.

Her passion for mosaic art grows more and more each day as it inspires her to see the world in a new-fangled way.  The materials, substrates and subjects are endless, so she may just….. MOSAIC THE WORLD!

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